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I am Arif from Hyderabad working for a MNC. I have great interest in Homer pigeons and when I moved to Hyderabad I started to look for the fanciers who are interested in the similar hobby. One day I happen to meet Dr Shakir and Mr Samad who have Homer pigeons from many years.We were discussing lot many things about the homer Pigeons and the fading interest of the fanciers in Hyderabad as they dont have a club like other states. It was then i realized we need to develop this sport here and invite people to participate in this lovely hobby. Thats it...the result is HHPC(Hyderabad Homer pigeon club).

The main Aim of our club is to develop the sport of racing pigeons in Hyderabad by healthy competition and Knowledge sharing. This beautiful sport deserves more than what it is today especially in India.