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Welcome to Hyderabad Homer Pigeon Club

Hyderabad homer pigeon club is being introduced for the first time (Dec – 2010) to preserve, train and develop the sport of racing pigeons in Hyderabad. By introducing Homer club we are mainly focusing on uniting all the Homer fanciers. There are many old fanciers who have racing pigeons from a long time but never been involved in the sport. We will try our best to invite all the interested fanciers who want to learn the art of raising, breeding and racing Homer pigeons.

Currently we are six members. We would thank Dr Shakir Noman for accepting the proposal to be the President of the club and support our efforts.

Our Sincere Thanks to Mr Riaz, member of Karnataka racing pigeon club, Bangalore for supporting us by sharing his great knowledge on breeding techniques.

In future, we hope all the clubs in other states to come under one federation as a union so that we can have this sport Nationwide.